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Adding stone to your porch or patio

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 @ 11:09 AM  posted by ebydesign

We recently had a pair of clients state in their online questionnaire that they’ve never liked their bare, concrete steps and porch, and wished to add stone. Stone is a great way to dress up an outdoor living and foot-traffic area, but as with most home improvements, there are some pointers to keep in mind when doing so:
1. So that the front door threshold isn’t blocked or turned into a tripping hazard, use thinset rather than thick pieces of stone. Likewise, you’ll want to install thinset stone on steps so that the rise / run ratios won’t be greatly altered.
2. If you pick faux stone, be sure to verify that the color extends all the way through the material. In the case of it getting chipped or damaged, you wouldn’t want your secret to be revealed by exposed areas of a different or non-stained color.
3. Decide upon the stone pattern you want to achieve by visiting stone and tile showrooms and home-improvement stores that carry such materials.
Finally, be sure to click on getmorecurbappeal.com to find out how you can purchase customized plans to improve your home’s exteriors and yard.

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